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Why People Choose Pergola Instead of Sun Room?

Sun room is a popular decoration design space at present. Many people will choose to add sun room when buying houses. sun room can increase the activity area of home residence. At the same time, sun room outside the residence can directly contact the outside world and obtain free and relaxed living space.
"I must have my own villa in the future, and then have a large courtyard facing south, and the terrace is sealed with sun room" is believed to be the idea of many people. In most people's ideas, I must be a sun room after I have a house.

Sun room brings new experience and enjoyment to people's life. Through the bright glass, you can enjoy the natural scenery outside, which can not only relax your body and mind, but also improve the quality of life. But sun room also has its inevitable disadvantages.
The most important use of the sun room is to contact nature, directly enjoy the sunshine, and obtain a relatively free activity space. However, more than half of the people regret it because of illegal construction, difficult cleaning, poor materials, unsightly, cold winter and hot summer, lack of ventilation and so on.

More and more people no longer choose the sun room, but choose the aluminum pergola which is more flexible and free than the sun room to build a more beautiful and practical outdoor living space.
Because the sun room is not maintained by the wall, but by tempered glass, its heat resistance and thermal insulation are bound to be weakened. If it is directly exposed to the air, it will be very hot in summer and very cold in winter, which limits the use of the sun room seasonally.


The louvers on the roof of the aluminum pergola can be opened and closed freely, and the blades can be adjusted freely at 0-90 degrees, so as to achieve the ideal light input, good ventilation, sun shading, rain blocking and other effects. Open is a pavilion, put down is a leisure room, when you open the roof, it is more like a flower rack, fashionable and beautiful.

Unlike residential buildings, the sun room blocks the light outside through the enclosure of the wall. It can only receive the sunlight through the glass window. The sun room is directly exposed to the outside world, and the sunlight can be directly irradiated. The maintenance is formed by replacing the wall with glass, so as to form a fixed and closed space without more malleable functions.
With simple appearance and flexible structural design, the aluminum pergola is suitable for a variety of peripheral products, such as manual curtain, electric curtain, enclosure curtain, artistic wood screen, folding glass door, etc. it can also be matched with a variety of outdoor leisure furniture, which can be built into different outdoor spaces such as catering space, outdoor office space, courtyard space, live broadcasting room and so on.

Post time: Aug-16-2022